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Periodical service

Have you come across a situation where you are driving on the road you catch yourself thinking that your car doesn't feel like how it was 6 months ago? Or, have you looked at your trip meter and seen if it is reaching that number that you vaguely remember reading in your car's manual, a long time ago?


 May be it's time for a periodical service!

Whichever brand your car belongs to, we offer a packaged periodical service that includes standard activities such as oil change, oil filter change, air filter change, coolant change and water wash.

In addition to this, we also perform brakes cleaning & adjustment on all four wheels. A little extra mile traveled to ensure your car is safe until the time for its next periodical service.



Sometimes you might feel like your car is not what it was like yesterday or a few minutes ago. Something is wrong & you aren't sure what it is! We are here to hear you, help you diagnose the issue and fix it. Our repair services include:

  1. Transmission, clutch, gearbox, drive shafts, differential
  2. Interiors cleaning and sprucing up
  3. Exterior cleaning, polishing and car detailing
  4. Under chassis Anti-Rust coating
  5. Steering & suspension overhaul
  6. Heating, ventilation, air conditioner-repair & overhaul (HVAC)
  7. Car cooling system - Radiator and cooling system service & overhaul
  8. Engine repair and overhaul



Body shop & paint shop

A car doesn't just take you from one place to another, it also defines you. The color and its exterior looks contribute to this. At Torque Auto, we help you define, change or fix the exterior through the following services:


  1. Tinkering
  2. Painting
  3. Accident repairs

In case there is an accident damage, followed by an insurance claim, we perform all the accident repair activities through the cashless mode.


Performance tuning & improvement

Some people want their car to just be responsive, some want it to be efficient, while some want to tap into its full potential in terms of performance & agility. We cater to your desire through our services:

Custom design & installation of performance parts such as

  1. Cold air intakes with performance filters
  2. Exhaust manifold modification and header units
  3. Free-Flow Exhaust muffler
  4. Flame throw set up



Accessories and In Car Entertainment (ICE)

Is your car literally like a second home to you? Is your car your ornament? Is it an entertainment zone for you and your friends/family? Whether you need high utility or gadgets that you want to show off or unique looks, we help you do up your car the way you want. A few examples are:


  1. Alloy wheels & custom tyres fitment
  2. External lighting-fog lamps, color lighting, power lighting etc
  3. Internal lighting system (mood lighting etc)
  4. Custom themed seat covers
  5. Interior customization-color, material/ texture
  6. Range of accessories (storage, utility, ornamental)
  7. In car entertainment-audio-video customization


Value Added Services

You might think that a garage is only for service, repair and maintenance, but with the experience that we have in this field, it takes the same bunch of people to offer the following value added services:

  1. Used car evaluation/certification
  2. On demand auto consulting for buying & selling
  3. Insurance - purchase & renewal
  4. Fitness certification (FC) work
  5. Car pick up & drop for services
  6. Breakdown Assistance (within a 15km radius)
  7. Onboard diagnostic (OBD) scan using sophisticated multinational scanners


We accept all bank visa and master credit/debit cards

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